I’m a PhD student in the CS theory group at Stanford, where I’m very fortunate to be advised by Li‑Yang Tan. Previously,

I love computational complexity, in particular circuit lower bounds. Recently, I also became interested in AI alignment.

I write learning notes about various topics within TCS and math.

Email: vc.lecomte@gmail.com (also vlecomte@stanford.edu)
Twitter: @vclecomte


The composition complexity of majority
 with Prasanna Ramakrishnan and Li-Yang Tan
CCC 2022 — talk (bonus), slides (bonus)

Sharper bounds on the Fourier concentration of DNFs
 with Li-Yang Tan
FOCS 2021 — talk, slides

Settling the relationship between Wilber’s bounds for dynamic optimality
 with Omri Weinstein
ESA 2020 — talk, slides

From discrete-log to lattices: maybe the real lessons were our broken schemes along the way?
 with Alex Bienstock, Allison Bishop, Eli Goldin, and Garrison Grogan
CFAIL 2020 — talk

The power of adaptivity in source identification with time queries on the path
 with Gergely Ódor and Patrick Thiran
Theoretical Computer Science, 2022

Forward-checking filtering for nested cardinality constraints: application to an energy cost-aware production planning problem for tissue manufacturing
 with Cyrille Dejemeppe, Olivier Devolder, and Pierre Schaus